Dr Marshall Goldsmith - leadership expert

For business agility we need to lead well...

Marshall’s a top business coach and helps executives drive change in their organisations, people and themselves.  His lessons are practical, fun, and help in business leadership at all levels as well as in life.  He’s very generous with his knowledge and has lots of free articles and videos available.

Visit his site to check them out.

Jeanne Liedtka - design thinking expert

For business agility we need to apply design thinking and innovate...

Jeanne and the Darden Business School have created a Specialization in Design Thinking and Innovation – a series of practically-focused courses delivered in an online, collaborative format. 

Jeanne has also written several books helping you apply design thinking to business challenges and opportunities.

Visit her site to check them out.

Gerd Leonhard - futurist

For business agility we need to understand the future of things...

Gerd offers insights on the future of humanity and technology, digital transformation, big data, automation, robotics, and leadership.  He gets to the core of the issues and has a knack for synthesising information into neat models and frameworks.

Conor Neill - persuasion and communication expert

For business agility we need to communicate and persuade well...

Conor teaches at IESE Business School.  He’s a thought leader in persuasion and communication.  In his authentic, personable style, he offers easy-to-apply hints, tips and techniques.

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