"Traditional organisations have become great at going slow and saying ‘no’.  But the world has moved on.  Disruptors move fast and enjoy the innovation that comes with business agility.  They realise the power of saying ‘yes, and’, and have liberated their workforces to be able to live that.” – Andrew Hobday

BusinessAgilityCentral.com is a site where Andrew Hobday shares his work on business agility and closely related topics.  He also curates and links to high quality thought leadership.

Andrew Hobday has worked in and across leadership, project delivery, and consultancy roles.  He's an avid researcher, experimental practitioner, and presenter.  Andrew's areas of expertise include business agility, design thinking, analysis, and innovation.  His recent focus has been on formulating models and methods for encouraging business agility and innovation at scale in large organisations.

Photo: Andrew Hobday, Business Agility Evangelist and Founder of BusinessAgilityCentral.com

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It's been a number of years since agile software development entered the arena and began building its followership.  It's successfully allowed development to move from a plan-based approach to a change-based methodology.  A huge strength of agile is how well it handles change.  So it figures that more recently, the fundamentals of agile have been applied to different contexts.  Business agility (also known as organisational agility) takes the elements of agile software development and applies them more broadly across an entire organisation.  It's an exciting prospect in a time where change is rapid, relentless, and sometimes even irreverent.  

BusinessAgilityCentral.com has been created to help explore the concepts and practices of business agility in a balanced and impartial way.    


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