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Business agility: Responding to change (internal and external) using deep insights and intelligent decision-making.  Rapidly implementing changes through a lean and agile way of work that promotes flexibility and learning, whilst providing a stable foundation. is a site where Andrew Hobday shares his work on business agility.  He also curates a list of exceptional thought leaders of business agility and closely related topics (See: Curated External Links).

“An organisation full of managers with a ‘command and control’ mindset may be able to achieve many things.  But achieving true business agility, they will not.” – Andrew Hobday



The following information and resources are provided to inspire and support the pursuit of business agility – for individuals, groups and organisations.


February 26, 2018 | 11 min read (Total exercise time approx. 30 mins for individuals)

Organisations are trying to become more agile.  Executives are telling their people they need to be agile and innovative… But at a grassroots level, it’s confusing and inaccessible.  What are people meant to be doing differently?  The ‘Business agility health check’ focuses on six critical elements to assess your business agility.  Most importantly, it promotes thinking, provokes conversations, and inspires action.

Note: It’s recommended you read ‘Business agility and you’ to gain a deep understanding of the six critical elements before using the health check.

Young Doctor

Business agility and you

February 26, 2018 | 29 min read 

Many organisations are trying to become more agile.  It’s not just about software delivery or technology departments.  Business agility is about everyone and everything within the organisation.  What does it mean for you?

Business Meeting

Innovation from seed to release

June 12, 2017 | 5 min read

For business agility, there needs to be an efficient and effective approach for taking ideas from seed to release, filtering out the chaff, and ensuring customer feedback is sought earlier and often.  This article introduces a straight forward approach that can be used.

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